Production Begins on X-Purr Pole and X-Purr Pole Cleaner

Los Angeles, CA (October 19, 2016)—X-Purr, creators of the world’s first ‘fitness pole’ scratching post for cats, has successfully wrapped a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and has started production on its X-Purr Pole and X-Purr Pole Cleaner (catnip spray). The company launched with a Kickstarter campaign this past September 2016, successfully raising $129% of its original funding amount. That Kickstarter campaign can be viewed at: kck.st/2ctYgup.

Founded by pole celebrities Natasha Wang and Arloa Reston, X-Purr creates cat toys and accessories that are fun, functional and inspired by the world of pole fitness. Its unique premium products are geared toward both feline lovers seeking something different for their cats, and its core market of pole enthusiasts. X-Purr’s first two products are the X-Purr Pole, a freestanding cat scratching post made to look like a fitness pole, and the X-Purr Pole Cleaner, a catnip spray.

X-Purr will use the funding raised through its Kickstarter campaign to usher in the first production run of the X-Purr, create interactive packaging, and handle ordering and fulfillment for the products. Shipping to Kickstarter backers begins in December.

“The reception we’ve received from the pole community has been overwhelming, and given us affirmation that pole dancing cats can really be a thing,” said Arloa Reston, co-founder, X-Purr. “Since our Kickstarter wrapped, we’ve hit the ground running. Our priority right now is making sure the X-Purr exceeds everyone’s quality expectations. We’re also adding surprise elements to the packaging and design of the product that are going to make the X-Purr even more of a premium item.”

Added X-Purr Co-Founder Natasha Wang, “As pole dancers, we have a strong and vibrant community, and much of the creative inspiration we share with each other is through social media. Our goal is for each X-Purr owner to be a part of community of pet owners who live a fun fitness and wellness lifestyle, and who want the same for their cat. With that in mind, we’re currently developing some social media projects that will continue to merge the worlds of pole fitness and cats.”

The X-Purr Pole will retail for $60 USD and incorporates several ‘fitness pole’ features, including:

  • Catnip-infused, chrome-colored rope dyed with pet-friendly and non-toxic dyes;
  • Sturdy vinyl-wrapped base featuring the X-Purr logos on ‘stage pie pieces,’ just like a real portable dance pole;
  • Padded base so kitties can rest after a tough workout;
  • Catnip-filled disco ball at the top of the pole to engage kitties in more play.

The X-Purr Pole Cleaner (catnip spray) is available in a 75 ml. bottle for $10 USD and is made from 100% organic North American-grown catnip. X-Purr will offer larger bottle options in 2017.

About X-Purr

X-Purr designs premium pole-themed cat toys and accessories, including the X-Purr Pole and the X-Purr Pole Cleaner. Launched in Los Angeles in 2016 by pole fitness celebrities Natasha Wang and Arloa Reston, the X-Purr Pole is a freestanding cat scratching post designed to look like an exercise pole. Catnip-infused and ready to party, the X-Purr Pole allows pole enthusiasts who chronicle their fitness journeys through Instagram and Facebook the opportunity to realize their lifelong dream of POLE DANCING WITH THEIR CATS. It also provides non-polers good clean fun as they watch their felines shimmy around the pole in an inebriated, catnip-induced haze. www.xpurr.com

Media Contact: Natasha Wang, pr@xpurr.com